The Sailing Expert application supports navigation, helps sailors to keep their logbook accurate and up-to-date, keep maintenance log for different boats.

The device's sensors are used to fill the log (location, COG, SOG, temperature, pressure). If a WiFi NMEA provider is available the boat sensors will be used instead.

Supported NMEA Sentences:

This application does not require an internet connection nor any registration for its function.

While sailing you can fix a concrete bearing or target point of interest (POI) you want to sail to. The application will tell you the target course or alert if you are off course, calculate the remaining distance and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

On regattas the application helps you to cross the startline on time and with maximums speed.

While on anchor the app monitors your location and alarms you if drifted outside the set area.

Scanned maps can be imported and setup up as a map source for your trips. Custom map servers can also be used with this application (OpenSea maps, OpenStreet maps, etc)

Trips or their parts can be exported to CSV and GPX for use in other applications. Logged data can be synchronized with where it can be edited and a printable logbook can be generated.

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